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ZESTRON® Resin Test

Identifies the local distribution of resin-based residues on electronic assemblies through a color reaction.

Ensure the integrity and reliability of your electronics manufacturing processes with ZESTRON Resin Test, a leading solution for comprehensive resin compatibility analysis. ZESTRON Resin Test offers advanced testing methodologies to assess the compatibility of solder masks, conformal coatings, and other resin-based materials with your cleaning processes. Our experienced team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and industry-proven techniques to deliver accurate and actionable results, enabling you to optimize cleaning efficacy and product quality. Mitigate risks associated with resin-related failures, enhance process efficiency, and maintain compliance with industry standards. Experience peace of mind knowing that your manufacturing processes are supported by ZESTRON's expertise and dedication to excellence. Explore ZESTRON Resin Test today to elevate your process control and ensure the success of your electronic assemblies.

Identifiy residues through a color reaction

The presence of critical resin residues, which cause poor adhesion of conformal coatings and delamination, needs to be entirely removed by a cleaning application.

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The ZESTRON® Resin Test Kit 

  • Localized detection of resin-based contamination on electronic assemblies
  • Quick and easy test method. No extensive training required
  • No specific test equipment needed
  • No additional floor space requirements
  • Can be used throughout the facility
  • On-site sampling inspection during production
  • Low cost per tested part

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Simple Test procedure in a few steps

Get on-site sampling inspection during production.


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