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Whether considering cleaning applications for SMT or semicon packaging products, ZESTRON leverages comprehensive capabilities throughout the electronics manufacturing industry.


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By continuously investing more than 20% of our annual turnover per year into Research & Development, ZESTRON has been able to continuously develop industry leading cleaning solvents and water based solutions using our innovative cleaning technologies, MPC® (Micro Phase Cleaning), FAST® (Fast Acting Surfactant Technology) and HYDRON® (Single-Phase Technology). 

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MPC Technology

Micro Phase Cleaning (MPC®), is an innovative water-based cleaning technology developed by ZESTRON that combines the advantages of both solvent and surfactant technologies to provide unmatched cleaning performance while meeting the most stringent cost, environmental and safety requirements.

MPC® Technology is characterized by a wide process window, highly
efficient bath life and easy filtration. The combination of polar and
non-polar compounds allows MPC® Technology cleaning agents to
clean various organic and inorganic residues such as fluxes, solder
pastes, and SMT adhesives.

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FAST Technology

Fast Acting Surfactant Technology (FAST®), is an innovative surfactant-based cleaning technology including a proprietary mix of newly developed surfactants allowing for quicker removal of a wide variety of the latest lead-free and leaded flux residues.

Due to the special formulation, FAST® surfactant cleaners require much shorter contact times and fewer active ingredients for the complete removal of contaminants from substrate surfaces. This ensures a longer bath life resulting in reduced process and maintenance costs.

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HYDRON Technology

HYDRON® is an innovative cleaning technology developed
by ZESTRON. Cleaning agents with HYDRON® Technology
are single-phase microemulsions that cover a wide range of
cleaning applications including defluxing of PCBAs, power
electronics, advanced packages, and wafers.

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Customized Training Programs are offered through our Application Engineering staff with experience comprising more than 50 years. Whether your process includes engineered solvent or aqueous-based cleaning agents, spray-in-air, or ultrasonic cleaning equipment, ZESTRON engineers can assess your process and develop a training plan specific to your needs.

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