a powerful analytical techniqueIon Chromatography

Ion chromatography characterizes and quantifies specific residue species present on samples. Performed in accordance with the latest IPC standards, ZESTRON offers both “full” board and localized” spot extraction techniques to identify the presence of undesired ionic materials.  The testing can be performed on bare PCB components and fully populated PCBAs.  Identifying ionic residues and understanding trouble areas will lead to improved product quality.

Ion chromatography "Full" Board Extraction Technique

"Full" board extraction provides the average of all ionic contaminants on the board surface. It aims to analyze the ionic species on the board surface and assess its overall cleanliness level. As one of the electronics industry's most widely used test methods to quantitatively identify and measure ionic (anions, cations, WOAs) specifies present on the board surface that could ultimately lead to in-field board failures.

ion chromatography "Localized" Spot Extraction Technique

“Localized” extraction, unlike “full” board extraction, targets critical areas of concern (0.1 in2) on the board surface to assess cleanliness levels.  It can be used to perform electrical tests that provide immediate “clean” or “dirty” readings for ionic contamination.  Additionally, the extracted sample can be subjected to IC testing to quantify ionic residues.  Therefore, “localized” ion chromatography can be tailored to individual test points for further investigation of ionic contamination within targeted troublesome areas.

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