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Identify and Avoid Causes of Damage

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[Dr. Markus Meier]

Gain insights into failure analysis and how it helps identify and remediate errors in consumer electronics control modules. Request now to prevent costly malfunctions and field failures!

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Article number: EN-2007-02

PCB Production / Analytics

Identify and Avoid Causes of Damage

Analysis of Failure Causes and Damages

Malfunctions and field failures in high-quality electronic devices can lead to costly recall campaigns or legal liability disputes. Electronic manufacturers must understand the root causes of field failures or malfunctions.

This case study summary illustrates how cause analysis was used to determine errors in a consumer electronics control module and how they were remedied.

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Dr. Markus Meier

Group Leader Reliability & Surfaces, ZESTRON Europe

After his study of chemistry at the Technical University Munich, Markus Meier worked among others on the ageing of cement and earned a PhD on the topic crystallization of cement-hydrate-phases under microgravity conditions. He is experienced in the areas interfacial chemistry and surface analytics. He is part of the Reliability & Surfaces Team in which he is responsible for the coordination of research projects as well as the organization of technology coachings.