General Job Summary  

Job Title: Failure Analysis Engineer (PCBs / PCBAs)

Classification: Exempt

Reports to: Director of Application Technology

Location: Manassas, VA

Issued/Date Revised: August 2023

General Job Summary 

The Failure Analysis Engineer will be responsible for supporting Zestron customers and prospects with comprehensive and timely Failure Analysis and Reliability Testing and Reporting Activities.  These include but are not limited to working with customers on new projects, engineering materials related analytical requests, operating failure analysis equipment, collecting, and reporting data along with maintaining equipment and expanding existing testing capabilities. This position reports to the Director of Application Technology.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities  

  • Evaluate the reliability of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs)
  • Drive root cause and failure analysis of reliability failures
  • Manage execution of reliability testing
  • Oversee and perform material testing, failure analysis and environmental testing using multiple analytical tools
  • Equipment Set up and Operation which can involve developing a profile or a program, building a fixture) and running tests.
  • Summarize data, analyze, and record test results in report format for customer or internal Zestron members
  • Interface with customer and other Zestron sites as needed.
  • Become an experienced and an expert on a set of analytical tools that will include following responsibilities: operation, new equipment discoveries, automating processes, cross training and training others, safety, Gauge R&R studies, maintenance, ordering new equipment and replacing parts, ordering consumables and ensuring calibration
  • Establish lab documentation: procedures, best practice, monthly report, equipment acquisition justifications (ROI)
  • Responsible for Road mapping projects to discover, develop, deploy new methods and new equipment for our Failure Analysis and Reliability Testing services.
  • Other duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  • Experienced with PCBA and PCB reliability tests such as thermal shock, biased temperature humidity testing, unbiased temperature humidity testing, bake testing, IST, CAF
  • Experienced with quality and reliability failure modes and mechanisms of PCBs/PCBAs
  • Experienced with interpretation of results from various destructive and nondestructive metrologies used in microelectronics such as Dye and Pull, Cross-Section, EDX, SEM, FTIR, Electrical Continuity Measurements
  • Strong work ethic with a structured approach to problem solving
  • The ability to think critically and logically, as well as the ability to work with large sets of data and make sense of them.
  • The ability to explain technical concepts in a clear and understandable manner, as well as the ability to collaborate effectively with others.
  • The ability to manage multiple projects and tasks simultaneously and effectively including planning, scheduling, and organizing.
  • The ability to use statistical analysis tools as well as the ability to interpret and communicate the results of the analysis.
  • Can work as an individual with minimum supervision or together with a team to complete assigned tasks
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong report compiling and writing skills


  • 10+ years of experience in PCBs/PCBAs/Electronic packaging. At least five to eight years in printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) failure analysis to include but not limited to, PCB failures, component failures, solder joint failure analysis, environmental testing, materials testing and contamination analysis.
  • Bachelor Science Degree in Electronics Engineering/ Electrical Engineering (major in Electronics or Microelectronics), Materials Science Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, or Physics
  • Experienced with running the following FA equipment: SEM/EDX, 2D/3D X-Ray imaging, CSAM, FTIR, XRF, Ion Chromatography (IC), IC-MS, CMM, Instron, Curve tracer, Spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope.
  • Experienced with running reliability testing: ATC chambers, Halt Hass chambers, Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) testing using temperature / humidity chambers, thermal shock chambers, IPX testing Chambers
  • Experienced with quality and reliability statistics and experience use of statistical test software such as JMP, Minitab
  • Experienced with IPC and JEDEC standards
  • Experienced wit laboratory standards, e.g. ISO/IEC 17025
  • Experienced with surmising failure mechanism from failure signatures
  • Background in semiconductor wafer fabrication, assembly, test, and design as well as the ability to comprehend circuit schematics (wafer or board level) is a plus
  • Knowledge of chemistry is a plus
  • US citizenship:  This role is subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) therefore all accepted applicants must be U.S. Persons as defined by ITAR: U.S. Person is a U.S. Citizen, U.S. Permanent Resident (i.e., "Green Card Holder"), Political Asylee, or Refugee.


  • Safety first attitude during all business activities.
  • Self-managing compliance with internal and external policies.
  • Highest level of Integrity.
  • Highly motivated and enthusiastic to offer continuous improvement suggestions.
  • Always presents professional image.

Physical Requirements

  • Requires the ability to sit at a desk and computer for extended periods
  • The ability to travel by air or car for extended periods



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The above is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of the duties, responsibilities and requirements of the job described.  Rather, they are intended only to describe the general nature of the job.


In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, it is possible that requirements may be modified to reasonably accommodate disabled individuals. However, no accommodations will be made which may pose serious health or safety risks to the employee or others or which impose undue hardships on the organization.